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Solar PTT Device

8.5g Solar PTT

Model #: GT-8.5GS

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PTT Data
Location/Fix Type Argos Doppler
Location Info Lat/Long, Date/Time, Loc Quality
Sensors Battery Voltage, Activity, Temperature, Transmission Counter, PTT Uptime
Physical Specifications
Length 1.57 in. (39.88 mm)
Width 0.69 in. (17.53 mm)
Height 0.39 in. (9.91 mm)
Weight 8.5 Grams
Antenna Length 7.9 in. (200.6 mm)
Attachment Loops, Custom
Electrical Specifications
Power Source Solar Array with Rechargeable Battery
Supply Voltage 3.6 to 4.2 VDC
Output Power 200 mW Standard (Adjustable)
Transmit Frequency 401.650 MHz ± 30 kHz
Transmit Interval 60 Second Rep Rate Standard (Adjustable)
Operational Life Up to 3+ years operating lifetime
Operating Temperature Range -5 to +45 °C
Backpack, Leg Band, Neck Collar, Ear Tag
1 year limited warranty
VHF Option
A VHF transmitter can be attached to the PTT enclosure. Please contact GeoTrak for details and pricing.
PTT's can be programmed with up to 10 unique, user defined seasons that will control the transmit duty cycles to the Argos satellites. The seasons are defined by the number ON/OFF hours and how many times to repeat a season duty cycle before proceeding on to the next season. This flexibility will allow the user to methodically balance the amount of location data desired, PTT power consumption & satellite airtime costs.
Included software decodes transmitted messages from PTT that is received by Argos system. The software stores all data in an database for easy data storage, viewing & data manipulation. All location & sensor data can be exported into Excel & CSV data file formats. Additionally GPS/Doppler fix locations can be exported into the KML & Shapefile formats that can be viewed in Google Earth™ or ESRI GIS software.
The PTT enclosure is constructed from an FR4 glass-reinforced epoxy composite material which is very durable and light weight. As a part of the finishing process, the PTT undergoes a process that effectively displaces unwanted elements that can lead to moisture and corrosion. The PTT is then hermetically sealed.